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Chinese firm introduces ‘sad leave’ to employees

The Chinese supermarket chain Fat Dong Lai has introduced up to ten days of annual ‘sad leave’ to its employees to ensure better work-life balance.

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The concept of “sad leave” recognises the human need for emotional well-being, acknowledging that everyone experiences sadness from time to time, according to Yu Dong Lai, the founder of Fat Dong Lai.

Fat Dong Lai isn’t a typical supermarket. It puts client satisfaction first by providing unique perks like blood pressure checks, handbag care, and pet feeding stations.

According to an article by The Strait Times, “They also typically work seven hours a day, five times a week, a stark contrast to the notorious 996 culture practised by some Chinese companies, whose workers clock in from 9am-9pm, six days a week.”

Furthermore, Fat Dong Lai exhibits a dedication to its staff by offering compensation of up to 5,000 yuan (roughly Rs 57,668) for workplace issues, such as client insults or threats.

This proactive approach to employee well-being offers an excellent example for other businesses, emphasising the significance of putting mental health first and providing a supportive work environment.


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